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Who we are

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Who We Are


Sedra IT Business Solutions

Sedra IT Business Solutions, laid its foundation stone in 2012 and started to compete in the business market in 2013 with distinctive services and new thinking, after that we have won more than 120 customers trust with various services.

Our company started as Everest and we have served our clients for 3 years with various services such as, web development, mobile application development, and software development.

After that Everest Co. merged with Sedra IT Business Solutions and we offered more services like, Branding and Designing, Digital Marketing, Motion Graphics and E-Commerce Services

Now we have multiple branches serving the largest possible number of customers within the Arab World : United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Egyptian Arabic Republic. And more is coming, God willing

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What do we Think, Shat do we Dream, and What do we Seek?

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